Ordo Rosa Solis

 The House Of Thoth

The House of Thoth is an initiatory body of Ordo Rosa Solis, functioning within the Grand Commandery of Albion. Located in the West of England, the House celebrates the Ogdoadic Mysteries. We are committed to the ideals of Spiritual Regeneration and the manifestation of the ambience of the Glorious Star.


The House of Thoth was established in 2007 under the auspices of Ordo Astrum Sophiae. In 2013, following the issue of charters to launch an independent Ogdoadic Order, the House transferred into a new Order - Ordo Rosa Solis. The Order is focussed on steadily building a new magical community. We perform solo and group rituals alongside other workings on a regular basis. We also offer mentoring and coaching to Probationers and Companions. The House is empowered to transmit First, Second and Third Hall initiations and to establish and revise rites in the Ogdoadic Tradition. It also invites Companions to explore the Mysteries of Britain through the workings and curriculum of the Celtic Guild.


Our website FAQ’s provide no-nonsense answers to many typical queries seekers may have about the ORS and the broader Ogdoadic Tradition.


The House of Thoth's teaching materials and papers are provided in English. German speaking companions may study via the Citadel of Pharos, who provide German language material.