Ordo Rosa Solis

Bodies of the Order


Grand Commandery of Albion



Based in the United Kingdom, the Grand Commandery of Albion is the overarching administrative body of Ordo Rosa Solis.


At this point in time, the Grand Commandery has one House and two Citadels. A House is the spiritual nexus which attends to the ritual and initiatory aspects of the Commandery to which it belongs. As such, only Houses can perform initiations or have fully consecrated temples. A Citadel is formed under the auspices of a Commandery by one or more ORS initiates. A Citadel may form Ogdoadic study groups and may accept and train Probationers under the guidance of the Commandery to which they belong.


As a core principle, all possible support and encouragement will be given by the Grand Commandery to enable Citadels to become Houses and ultimately Commanderies. Any such Commanderies shall be self-governing within the terms and spirit of the Order’s Constitution.


"Now is this Temple become a diamond of rainbow flashing dew,

a rose of fire shining out from the mists of the world."



House Of Thoth (England)



Based in the West of England, overlooking the Marches and the Black Mountains, the House of Thoth celebrates the Ogdoadic Mysteries in Britain. Initiates perform individual and group rites alongside other workings. The Chiefs of the House come from diverse magical traditions, having studied with different groups and teachers in the UK , US,  as well as on the Continent. 


The House of Thoth is committed to the ideals of Regeneration and the manifestation of the Glorious Star, and invite dedicated seekers to join them on their quest. While our House aims to serve the UK and Ireland, we do also speak Spanish and Dutch. Enquiries should be directed via the Contact page.nquiries@OrdoRosaSolis.Net



Citadel of Nikotheos (Brasil)


Based in the city of Brasilia, the Citadel of Nikotheos celebrates the Ogdoadic Mysteries in Brasil and serves South America. Members meet regularly to learn about, explore and celebrate the Mysteries. The leader of the Citadel worked with Ordo Astrum Sophiae prior to joining the ORS. Enquiries for this Citadel should be directed to Hierus7@live.com.



Citadel of Pharos (Germany)



Based in the city of Heidleberg, the Citadel of Pharos celebrates the Ogdoadic Mysteries in Germany and was constituted in 2018. Members meet regularly to learn about, explore and celebrate the Mysteries. The Citadel's website can be visited here - http://ordorosasolis.de/  Enquiries should be directed to citadel@ordorosasolis.de